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7 Minimalist Gift Ideas For Hubs

Updated: Apr 10

I started my minimalist journey back in 2017. I wanted to make a drastic change and the almost stoic lifestyle was just the ticket. After years of limiting my purchases, I began to bring things back into my life slowly. From minimalism, I was able to be more conscious of my shopping habits and I understood my once unrecognized impulses.

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I began making choices with quality over quantity in mind. If you have a dude in your life that’s currently going through a minimalist journey —or any masculine individual on a path to simplify— these are the items that I would suggest purchasing for their minimalist Christmas.

NO. 1

The Jack Boot in Eden Noir by Taft (@taft)

Some minimalist will tell you not to buy the luxury items, but I think that the ability to purchase luxury items responsibly is a direct result of minimalism. My last pair of boots has lasted me at least three years and I’m still going strong—so, I suggest Taft every time. The great thing is that they have classic and flashy designs. They are also one of a kind! You won’t find these in your local boot barn.

NO. 2

Digital Notebook by Remarkable (@remarkable)

I grew up in a family — a middle‑class family—that focused on keeping up with the neighbors. This meant that we constantly bought things that we didn’t need in order to look successful, but true success is in purchasing the right things (the things that helped us function and develop). Instead of purchasing a years worth of school supplies and books, we purchased new clothes and Jordans. Instead of purchasing groceries, we went out on extravagant dinners at ritzy restaurants. In adulthood, minimalism became the catalyst for designing and planning a life of TRUE abundance and success. What better way to do that than with a journal? The best thing about these eco‑friendly planners is that you can plan, reflect, digitize, and repeat.

NO. 3

Smart Ring by Oura (@ouraring)

For me, being a minimalist allowed me to cut the deadweight of all of the regrettable purchases I made in order to make more meaningful purchases in the future— like buying items that help me develop better habits. Hands down, every step towards better technology has saved my time and money. While many people see these tools as extravagant hobbies…my smart devices have taught me the correct way to sleep, kept me on track while planning my day, kept me on budget, and reminded me to do simple things like take vitamins or drink water. A smart ring or watch is like getting a Sonicare electric toothbrush — those who know know! These devices are absolutely life changing.

NO. 4

Carbon Fiber Minimalist Wallet by Ridge (@ridgewallet)

Let’s face it! Luxury items can last much longer than the “throwaway fashion” that we “throwaway” our money on. So, why not gift something that holds money and lasts… Some of you women, trans women, or other feminine‑energy holders may not understand the detriment of men’s leather goods — especially wallets. But! I shall explain… No matter how expensive the wallet is, wear and tear are real when it comes to leather wallets. I bought my carbon fiber Ridge wallet two years ago and it’s still going strong. Plus! It has a sophisticated, futurism that can’t be beat.

NO. 5

Tea Ritual Kit by Sorate (@sorate.co)

This may be a total guy thing to say but, my first introduction to tea rituals was witnessing this bad ass scene from Samurai Jack while binging anime — one of my decluttering pastimes. After digging deeper into Minimalist influencers, I noticed a reoccurring obsession with coffee and tea. However, it wasn’t until I watched @hindzsight that I realized the depth of a tea ritual. If you or hubs are stressed out and having trouble focusing— eliminating all distractions and having a daily reflection over tea or coffee might be the ticket. It works even better when are using instruments and tools that are beautifully crafted. They just make you feel like you made it in life!

NO. 6

Low Profile Pill Holder by County Comm (@countycomm_gov)

Being a minimalist made me realize that I could purchase luxury items at the right moment and then enjoy them even more. It also made me realize that luxury is not always in a price tag, but how an item makes me feel. Since we are building better habits anyway, having some tiny motivations along the way are always helpful. Every time I pull out items like my smart watch, Ridge wallet, and my vitamin box I feel like a f*cking boss! All guys deserve that!

NO. 7

Manly Cleaning Supplies by The Cave (@thecleancave)

I feel like a lot of people are currently turning to minimalism for the same reason — to downsize, to organize, and to clean; this is why I added The Cave to this guide. While I haven’t had the chance to partake in their product selection, it’s been on my wishlist for ages! I just think it’s a cool freakin concept and great gift for those who are looking for those “tiny motivations”. If you have a chance to experience these products, please share! I would love to live vicariously! 😀😉

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