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5 Things Influencers Should Consider Before Choosing Products and Services to Promote Online

Updated: Apr 10

As a marketer I have to admit that I've had to promote some pretty mediocre products in the past. The companies were amazing but their products just didn’t make the grade.

I call it a pleasure because this experience has taught me to throw caution to the products that I endorse on behalf of my personal blog. With that said, these are the three steps that I take to select a quality product that will turn a profit.

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1. Fix or solve a problem.

My personal blog was born out of the need for an online platform exclusively for small business owners in an effort to solve a few key problems.

From my time as a freelancer— working with other freelancers I knew we collectively needed to know ALL aspects of our businesses from coding to legal— needed a complete source of information in a language they understand, and needed to have a network of peers that they can consult for problems beyond their knowledge.

Your product is worth nothing if it doesn’t solve a problem - but it’s worth gold if it solves a unique one.

Before considering a product or service, begin to observe the problems around you. This is the only way for you to move into the next steps, begin to connect the dots, and provide a solution.

2. Appeal to and find a tribe.

“A tribe is a group of people connected to one another, connected to a leader, and connected to an idea. For millions of years, human beings have been part of one tribe or another. A group needs only two things to be a tribe: a shared interest and a way to communicate.” - Seth Godin, Tribes

Short and simple, find a group passionate about a hobby and cater to them.

If you are a tattoo artist, don’t be just a tattoo artist, have a specialty or niche - like dental tattoos.

That might be an exaggeration but having a specialty like this will increase your prices, build your brand, and make you infamous to loyal followers.

3. Read customer reviews on similar products.

Customer reviews are the most important part of your product selection.

You may think that “The Queen James Bible” is the perfect product for your anti-conversion therapy blog, but this name already carries a bad reputation.

When doing research, you will find that “The Queen James Bible" is a funny coffee book, but it also has one of the lowest ratings on Amazon.

A few bad reviews are expected, but when the bad outnumber the good that’s a red flag.

Even if the product, service, blog, or business is not directly related to you— similar names bring with them bad memories.

4. Go with what you like.

One of my favorite brands and the inspiration to this blog is Rebels Refinery, which started on Etsy and somehow made it's way to the Target shelves.

This brand was started by three friends who wanted to make high-quality natural skincare products. Unfortunately, they have completely pivoted since their inception.

None-the-less, hough the packaging is very masculine, the guys purposely made their products with a gender-neutral light scent. Now their passion has turned into an expanded market of female and male consumers.

This just shows you how the skills you have and the trends you know is enough for you to turn a profit.

5. Follow a trend.

Sometimes a fidget spinner or slime is just what we need to get off the ground.

Getting in on the trend early can also establish you as a trailblazer or expert in the business arena. Just make sure that you are choosing a business model that will last and not mistaking a "trend" for a "fad".

While the fidget spinner and slime might be great products to carry, they should be the bread and butter of your business - well slime looks like it may stick around for a while.

Though these are the steps we take to make a product selection, Shopify provides a list of 12 additional steps on how to the right products in their “Find a Product to Sell: 12 Strategies for Finding Your First Profitable Product” seller resource blog.

Regardless of how you choose your product or service, be sure to only test a few new products at a time and go with your gut feeling.

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